First it was Bob Sch…
First it was Bob Schieffer exposing cracks in the CBS facade, now it Andy Rooney of all people.

CBS curmudgeon Andy Rooney indicated yesterday he believes the controversial documents on President Bush’s National Guard service are fake and said it could cost Dan Rather down the road.

“I’m surprised at their reluctance to concede they’re wrong,” Rooney said, referring to CBS brass.

The cracks have become fissures. But really, Andy. This reluctance to admit to being wrong shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. You, yourself, haven’t apologized for your own double standards. When going after conservatives or the religious, journalistic standards typically go out the window. How exactly is this surprising?

Despite praising Rather as “a good, honest newsman,” Rooney added, “I’m unsure if they’re whistling in the dark instead of apologizing.”

Do you mean “honest newsman” in the same way Dan Rather thought Bill Clinton could “lie about any number of things” and still be considered honest “at core”?

Rooney doesn’t think the network would try to ease out Rather over the memo mess, but he added, “It might have an effect on him six months from now.”

Ease him out then and hope that Rathergate doesn’t mar his retirement. Could this be a hint that Dan may not last longer than that at anchor?

Rooney and other CBS staffers are still holding out hope that Rather will produce something to authenticate the supposed memos from the early 1970s that criticized Bush’s record in the Texas Air National Guard.

…especially since this has put their ratings in the tank. It’s interesting to hear that staffers at CBS itself don’t take Dan’s or the network’s word for it that they stand behind the story. If they won’t, certainly we shouldn’t.

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