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Listening to Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” this morning, a caller had a great point. If Kerry’s so positive and upbeat and proud of his service in Vietnam, and if Democrats really agree with that, shouldn’t we be seeing a stampede of Democrats to the Army recruiting office, eager to perform their patriotic duty? I mean, this is part of the War on Terror, is it not? Kerry himself said so. What American can’t get behind going after terrorists would would like to make 9/11 look like a walk in the park?

Instead, from the left, we have “peace” activists, some who were even opposed to the war in Afghanistan, who dominate the Democrats (although they were certainly sidelined during the Boston convention). Perhaps the real blunder in overemphasizing Kerry’s war record was that in order to try to appeal to those with a 9/11 mindset, he alienated his base; those still living in 9/10.

No, don’t expect to see the left show up in droves at the recruiter’s office. I’m certainly not saying that there aren’t any Democrats in our armed forces; that makes no sense. What I am saying is that when Democrats these days talk about their pride in our soldiers and their defense of our country, they’re just saying that they are happy there’s an Army to give these men and women something to do for a few years–train, practice, march–and then leave, without ever having to put them in harm’s way to defend the country’s interests. When Democrats decry the way returning Vietnam vets were treated, all they’re saying is that they realize that having all those Democrats spit on them back then turned out not to be a good political move. It’s all political calculation, even, apparently, this new-found love of service in Vietnam, now that their candidate is sporting some on his resumé.

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