Protecting marriage …
Protecting marriage is not bigotry.

At one point, when a letter sent by an African-American pastor in support of the [federal Defense of Marriage] amendment was read into the Congressional Record, Georgia Congressman John Lewis, who was active in the civil rights movement, took to the floor to respond. He said, “Some of these so-called black ministers and so-called civil rights leaders never supported civil rights. They never marched for one day. They never put their bodies on the line for the cause of civil rights.”

Congressman Lewis was wrong. The Marriage Protection Amendment, which I supported, is not about civil rights. And his indictment that true civil rights leaders do not support the amendment is wrong.

“So-called black ministers”? Well Rep. Lewis, are they not really black or not really ministers?

There’s lots more, including actual civil rights leaders who are for the amendment. Read the full article by Congressman Joe Pitts.

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