UNSCAM update: The …
UNSCAM update: The United Nations is holding their collective hands over their collective ears and collectively singing “La la la I can’t hear you” very loudly.

private intelligence firm hired by the United Nations to look into corruption in the oil-for-food program provided valuable leads to U.N. investigators, but they were ignored, the company’s director says.

“We found it extremely frustrating to be in a position where we could do something significant to dramatically assist the investigation into the oil-for-food fraud and not be allowed to proceed,” said Derek Baldwin, director of operations for IBIS Risk Management Services Inc.

The legitimacy of anything resembling moral outrage from this crew is losing value at an astonishing rate. Their scoldings of how we act in our defense are so much barking from French Poodles, and nothing more.

Read the whole thing. It stars an Iranian network, Jacques Chirac and Kofi Annan’s son, with Egypt playing a supporting role. Sec. Gen. Annan himself plays the part of Inspector Clouseau.

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