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Erick Erickson over at notes that Chris Matthews of “Hardball” is going to play the segment he had with Zell Miller at the Republican convention, including the part where Zell challenged him to a duel. He’s doing this in response to Zell’s new book release, “A Deficit of Decency”. Since he’s bringing this up again, the publisher’s thought that Chris should tell the rest of the story.

The only question is, in Senator Miller’s absence tonight will you tell the whole story as to why he was angry with your comments? In chapter 6 (Hardball Huff) of A Deficit of Decency, Zell explains that the reason he challenged you is that before he came on the set you claimed he was an “old time seggy.”

Will you renounce your baseless claim that Senator Miller is a segregationist?

Hold not thy breath, but it would be interesting to see.

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