Christopher Hitchens…
Christopher Hitchens, writing in Slate yesterday, does a great job in uncovering the hatchet job the media has been giving Paul Wolfowitz, from deliberately mispronouncing his name, to deliberately misquoting him, to blaming him for every single anti-Muslim wacko in the US. It’s a further demonstration of both liberal bias in the media (The Guardian specifically) as well as how badly the left needs to jump on any speck of “proof” that Bush and his administration are somehow misrepresenting themselves and their motives to the country. But they can’t use the truth, so they have to revert to mud-slinging and false reporting. Sure, The Guardian did correct their errors, which by itself is a good thing, but the damage had already been done and the liberal punditry had already echoed the lies loud and long. Don’t count on retractions from them. We’re still waiting for Maureen Dowd to retract her misquote of Bush supposedly asserting that al-Qaeda was no longer a problem.

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