We thought we were so very clever coming up with the idea that, since Adam was created before Eve, that the day before Christmas Eve should be called Christmas Adam.  We’ve since discovered that others had come up with the same concept.  But it appears that each family that has come up with it did so pretty much on their own.  As such, we would chuckle at our cleverness whenever we used that term.

One year, about 6 years ago, we were at a restaurant called Max & Erma’s.  It had opened up near us recently, and it was a throwback to a favorite restaurant of students at the college my wife and I went to in Kentucky.  The date was December 23rd, "Christmas Adam", and we had gone there to eat and have their "all you can eat ice cream sundae buffet" for dessert.  It had vanilla and chocolate ice cream to scoop out, and a bunch of toppings.  I said that we ought to start some sort of Christmas Adam tradition, and that having all-you-can-eat ice cream at Max & Erma’s would be a good one.  My kids were very happy for us to declare that.  Realizing that we’d probably forget this declaration next year, I put a note in my Palm Pilot; "Christmas Adam all-you-can-eat ice cream".

Thanks to that, we remembered it the next year, and off we went to Max & Erma’s.  One event does not a tradition make, but a second one does, and thus began our fun little tradition.

Unfortunately, Max & Erma’s didn’t last until the 3rd annual celebration, so we just bought our own ice cream and toppings and kept the tradition going.

We’ve expanded it just a bit over the years.  This year we’re still having the ice cream but we’re having the kids invite some of their friends over.  We’ll do the Narnia movie and then to home for ice cream and games. 

Anyway, just a little glimpse into our family, and one of the silly little things we do.

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