Scott Ott of Scrappl…
Scott Ott of ScrappleFace, once again, has satire (as they say on TV) “ripped from the headlines”:

CBS Evening News Moved to Showtime

(2003-11-04) — Just hours after deciding to sell the planned CBS miniseries ‘The Reagans’ to the Showtime cable movie channel, network chief Les Moonves announced that the ‘CBS Evening News with Dan Rather’ would also move to Showtime starting in December.

“It just doesn’t work,” Moonves told staffers. “Listen, we are not afraid of controversy, we’d go out there if it came in at 50-50, pro and con, but it simply isn’t working. It’s biased.”

According to an unnamed CBS insider, “He made up his own mind after seeing it. He’s made a brave, decisive move.”

Of course, the italic comments are what Moonves said about “The Reagans”, but they could work in this context too, eh?

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