When anti-war protes…
When anti-war protestors have gone to Iraq, many times their minds have been changed (or opened). The experience of actually being there and better understanding the situation helps them see the error of supporting a murderous dictator. As I mentioned back in May, one protestor from “Voices in the Wilderness” wrote eloquently about his odyssey, and in March a former human shield related his own wake-up call, but there have be numerous others.

Now you can count members of Congress among those who’s eyes have been opened once they see the fruits of Hussein:

In a development that has received little public attention, about a third the US Congress has been to Iraq since May – and the trips are shifting the political dynamic on Capitol Hill about the war.

Unlike during Vietnam, when congressional visits often fueled lawmakers’ opposition to the war, these tours of Iraq are tending, if anything, to blunt antiwar sentiment. In many cases, they are solidifying support in Congress for the military effort.

It would be nice if folks wouldn’t need such a shot of reality for reason to triumph in their mind, especially Congressmen who vote on policies and funding, but hey, if it works I say send ’em all over there.

And note, of course the phrase, “In a development that has received little public attention…”. How would this come to the attention of the public? Who might be ignoring this story to instead portray Iraq as a quagmire? I hate to sound like a broken record (remember those things?) but the liberal media is indeed sounding like one themselves.

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