The anti-war crowd c…
The anti-war crowd complained that we were planning on going to war with Iraq unilaterally, without consulting our allies or acting through the UN. “Hussein’s a madman, to be sure”, went the argument, “but we shouldn’t go in like a cowboy with guns blazing.” So Bush gave them what they wanted; a UN resolution, unanimously approved, that said Iraq should disarm and allow inspections with no conditions. Today, Hussein accepted the resolution with “no conditions”.

Now given his track record, it’s simply a matter of time before Hussein starts adding conditions or roadblocks to inspections. He has done it every single time. The only question remaining is how will the anti-war crowd respond when this happens. The safe bet is that they too will do what they’ve done every single time for the past decade; become apologists for a madman.

If Saddam’s parents had treated him like the anti-war crowd does–excusing his disobedience regardless of how often it happened, giving him more and more chances without any real consequences–he’d have turned into a spoiled brat, expecting everyone to give him his own way.

Wait a minute….

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