OK, I supposed it’s …
OK, I supposed it’s about time I cleared something up about the name of this blog. (After almost 3 years, it’s about time, no?) I’ve never really covered that topic, and something happened recently that I figured would happen a lot earlier, and it gives me a reason to talk about it.

Clayton Cramer was among the first big-time blogs to link to and blogroll me, of which I was extremely honored. (By “big-time” I mean someone way higher than me in the ecosystem.) I even quote some very kind words from him from that initial post up on the top of the left-hand column. That was almost a year ago.

He linked to another post of mine on Friday, and he introduced it this way:

Excuse me while my brain explodes. Considerettes pointed me towards this, and as much as I think highly of Considerettes, I had to go read the Reuters article she linked to:

Emphasis mine. I would just like to let folks know that I am, in fact, of the male gender. >grin< I most certainly do not fault Clayton for this little slip-up, because it’s entirely understandable. To wit, from Dictionary.com:


1. Small; diminutive: kitchenette.
2. Female: usherette.
3. An imitation or inferior kind of cloth: leatherette.

[Middle English, from Old French, feminine of -et, -et.]

The word “Considerettes” is my title for this site because it is part of my larger essay site called “Consider This! The longer pieces would be there, and the shorter takes on the day’s events would be here; hence “Considerettes” using sense 1 of the definition. (Although, you could make the case that the long essay portion has languished while the blog has moved to the fore. I may need to reorganize that layout sometime in the future.) With the recent meteoric rise of a bloggress calling herself “Wonkette”, the assumption of sense 2 was inevitable. (And I’m definitely not intending sense 3! These are only the highest quality pixels you’re reading.)

So now you know. “Conservative commentary served up in bite-sized bits” are “Considerettes”.

(You know, couldn’t “Considerettes” be the name of the cheerleading squad for the high school debate team? Naaah.)

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