The President knew a…
The President knew about an attack on Washington and New York by Osama bin Laden prior to September 11, 2001! A State Department spokesman for the Clinton administration said…excuse me? Oh, you thought I meant the current brouhaha about President Bush getting reports in August, 2001. Well, that’s not hard to understand, given the short term memory of the press and the politicians, but consider this: In the archives of the Drudge Report, Matt relayed reports from TIME Magazine and the New York Times about similar threats from the Al Qaeda honcho at least as far back as December, 1998. But does anyone fault Bill Clinton personally for the US embassy bombings that occurred later? No, and for good reason. I’m quite sure that many terrorist attacks have been thwarted in the past by our intelligence folks that we never hear about, but sooner or later something’s bound to break through the barrier.

If reports of bin Laden attacks against Washington and New York go back at least 3 years prior to September 11th, you should blame Clinton as well. If you insist on blaming President Bush, then it’s a “both or neither” scenario. Hindsight doesn’t count.

Should there be investigations into how our intelligence failed and find out how to make it better? Definitely! But keep an eye out for who blames what on whom, and it’ll be easy to spot the political partisans from the fair-minded observers. My prediction is that the press and the Democrats (read: liberal elite) will be the ones with selective memory.

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