The sabotaging of th…
The sabotaging of the Schwarzenegger governorship has begun.

Aides to Sen. John Vasconcellos confirmed the liberal San Jose Democrat called Republican Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger “a boob,” said voters “made a mistake,” and announced that when the Legislature reconvenes in January, “I’m not sure I’ll go back.”

Other liberal legislators, from the Bay Area and elsewhere, apparently are thinking about skipping Schwarzenegger’s January State of the State address — his blueprint for working with the Legislature to tackle California’s deficit and other woes — because they believe he will have nothing to tell them.

How open-minded of them.

But even while saying they would try to work with Schwarzenegger, liberals among the Democrats who dominate the Legislature wound up talking about potential deadlocks with the moderate Republican.

“It depends on what the hell he wants to do,” Senate Majority Leader John Burton, D-San Francisco, said during a Capitol news conference.

“If he wants to take money away from aged, blind and disabled, or if he wants to take money away from poor women and children, I don’t think so,” Burton said. “Not while I’m around.”

Translation: “If he doesn’t tow the Democrat line, we’ll obstruct him at every turn.”

The liberal blogger Kos is trying to have it both ways, though. While he’s ignored the slings and arrows already being thrown at Arnold even before he’s sitting in the big chair, he yawns, “Expect Arnold to whine about Democratic ‘obstructionism’ in the state legislature.” Whaddya mean? If he complains about it, it’ll be perfectly justified. He’s having to face it already! Kos is displaying pure liberal partisanship; ignoring the behavior of the folks in his party while (pre-emptively) dismissing reaction to it.

He goes on to say, “Arnold has 100 days, starting the second he takes his oath.” How thoughtful of him. It took Davis 5 years to dig this hole, and he’s generously giving Schwarzenegger a liitle over 3 months to fix it all, while a blantantly obvious plan of obstruction is already being laid. California Democrat Party state spokesman Bob Mulholland said that a new recall push would begin at the end of those 100 days. Now ain’t this a classic! The recall of Davis was a grass roots effort based on performance, or lack thereof. Democrats, however, are poised to keep Schwarzenegger from getting anything done, while at the same time preparing to recall him over that very lack of progress. The former is what a recall is for, the latter is simple revenge of the sour grapes variety. That’s not public service, that’s power mongering.

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