Looks like Democrats…
Looks like Democrats are stepping all over themselves overstepping their authority on the same-sex marriage issue. First it was judges, now local canvassing boards are doing it.

Backers of a ban on same-sex marriage in Michigan will have to go to court to get their proposal on the November ballot, following the unexpected and stunning rejection of the group’s petitions by the Board of State Canvassers on Monday.

The Citizens for the Protection of Marriage could find themselves waiting in line for a court date with those who want to see third-party presidential candidate Ralph Nader on the ballot in Michigan. The board also denied Nader a spot on the ballot as an independent. Both issues failed on a 2-2 partisan vote with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed. A majority vote was needed.

The setback for advocates of the gay marriage prohibition was easily the most surprising development of the contentious four-hour meeting. Opponents of the ban did not even challenge the petitions, and the vote not to certify came despite staff recommendations to approve the issue.

A Secretary of State Elections Division review showed the proponents filed 464,243 valid signatures. They needed only 317,757.

Democrats who voted against the measure said it could be construed to outlaw domestic partnership benefits, union contracts, common law marriage, the equal protection clause and religious freedom.

“To put on the ballot a proposal that can never be enforced is a lie,” said Doyle O’Connor, a Democratic member of the board. “We have to vote our own conscience.”

An attorney for supporters said the board clearly overstepped its authority when it rejected the proposal based on the substance of the issue. It is supposed to decide simply whether the petition signatures are valid and sufficient, he said.

“Are we going to court? We have no choice,” Eric Doster said. “This was a clear violation of their legal duty.”

Sound familiar? Liberals are covering all the bases they can. When the courts look like they’ll legislate from the bench, attempts to put the issue to a vote can be hampered by many other means. And of course, if this means ignoring current law, that doesn’t matter to them. Activists judges have begat activist local politicians and board members.

I keep hearing about how conservatives (and, even more so, religious conservatives) want to shove their view of morality down your throat. Sorry, but same-sex marriage advocates are second to none in this regard.

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