Just as I predicted …
Just as I predicted last Tuesday, the major media waited until the weekend to mention the “Christmas in Cambodia” story, giving the Kerry campaign time to come up with their response, portray it as a simple challenge/rebuttal story, and report it when most folks weren’t looking. How pathetically predictable.

Here’s the Boston Globe’s Sunday coverage of it. Note the lack of the word “seared” in the article, the word used by Kerry to denote how positive he’s always said he was about the incident. They just quote his line about remembering it. So on top of all this, they blunt criticism by just suggesting it’s one memory among thousands of others; nothing special about it.

PrestoPundit has a big rundown of the weekend coverage of the story. Also, New England Republican received a well-deserved Instalanche for his walk down memory lane, showing how tenacious the press was with the “Bush was AWOL” charge, when they had less (i.e. nothing) to prove it vs. how quiet they’ve been on the Kerry story with all the sworn affidavits backing it up.

Other than bloggers and others paying attention, where’s the outrage? Well, I guess if there was any, it wouldn’t be covered by a liberal media that wouldn’t want to show itself in a bad light, let alone their chosen candidate.

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