Looks like the state…
Looks like the states will have to take this eminent domain issue up. That is, if the legislature get pressured enough by the voters to give up this power. You know the legislature won’t do it on their own. Here in Georgia, looks like we’re already safe.

Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker said Thursday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on private property rights will not affect state homeowners because of protections in the state constitution.

Baker, in a statement released to media, said the Georgia Constitution and more than 100 years of state court precedent prevent condemnation for private purposes.

“Fortunately for Georgians, our state constitution and state judiciary have consistently held that condemnation for private purposes is not acceptable under state law, a position that will be unaffected by today’s federal court ruling,” Baker wrote.

“Georgia will remain one of the few states in the nation where a homeowner will not lose the family home or farm to make way for a private development boondoggle,” the statement read.

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